Making The Most Of Winter Outdoor Play

Written by
Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds
Jan 16, 2020


Winter is a beautiful season that offers unique opportunities to play with snow and ice. With the holiday season quickly approaching it is always important to think about waste and how to reuse and repurpose things. A favourite winter activity of ours is using discarded Christmas trees as loose parts. They stay green all winter long and provide so many dramatic, social and heavy work opportunities; perfect for outdoor unstructured free play.

 For part of our workshop, we created amazing forts and shelters by cutting the branches off the Christmas trees with“D handle saws”.  This type of saw is a perfect size for both children and teacher’s hands to fit inside allowing teachers to guide the saw when needed. These saws have small teeth for smooth and successful sawing.  

 Other loose parts used to create their structures included; sticks, stumps, milk crates, straw bales and burlap.

 Fort building is a great sensory rich activity that keeps participants engaged for a good portion of the day. It is always fun to observe the ‘builders’, ‘engineers’, and ‘decorators’ create their masterpieces through loads of problem-solving and social collaboration.

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